Monday, March 25, 2013

A Day

A Day

As small, contained, and square
as a single pill-minder box.

A striped cat
who showed up on a Monday,
And stayed, keeping that name.

A marathon of movies,
or a long sleep.
A road trip.

A day
is shopping every store
but coming home
the same as you were before.

The length of time a clock hand moves
A calendar rectangle
filled with to-dos.

Something that begins and ends,
A first,
A last,
A time with friends.

A regret,
Or triumph,
A day is yet,
something to examine
A time to forget.

Bright skies,
or endless rain,
A lesson plan,
An hour gained.

Looking forward,
Looking back,
for what you hoped,
and what it lacked.

A day is spent
or given free,
an endless meeting,
a climbing tree.

A lazy float
down a river long,
A day is here,
and then it’s gone.

A day is now, plus now, plus now,
and we never know just how
a day can fly,
a day can drag
a day might be all
some ever had.