Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Women: Are You Smarter Than My Cat?

This morning I was out prowling in the garden picking raspberries and filling a bowl with them when I heard Zillah (my cat) meowing at the screen door to be let out with me. Being wedged firmly underneath the bird netting, I decided to ignore her plea and continue with my picking. She continued to escalate past meowing into plaintive cries. I paused again, but recalling the cat door we installed 4 years ago just for her, I went on with my task. The cries became yowls and increased in volume and frequency. I was disgusted and muttered to myself about the ridiculousness of this situation, becoming more entrenched and determined NOT to give in to this ploy of hers to annoy me enough that I would remove myself from the garden and come all the way up to the house to let her out when she could let herself out.

That got me thinking about the mindset that allows a person to depend on another person for happiness. Zillah pretends to depend on me to let her in and out sometimes, though we both know she can do it herself. But many women and children (and probably men as well) behave this same way. They spend their time yowling for someone to let them out when they could do it themselves. I used to be one of those women, and before that, at times, one of those children.

Women: let's be smarter than my cat. Let's make ourselves happy and not wait for someone else to open the door.


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