Monday, June 1, 2009


Yes, I may be opinionated, but at least I care; at least I'm thoughtful enough to have formed my OWN opinion... and okay, I can be hateful, but not easily or without cause, and in balance to that, I am ferociously loyal to my friends and those I love. I will admit I expect a commitment from the people who love me, but I also give my commitment fully and strongly. I can definitely hold a grudge, but with very little effort, a person can gain my forgiveness and affection again, grudge-free.
And I DO feel things strongly- passionate about what matters to me. I DO have my causes, and I'm learning when and where is the place for them. But the majority has their causes too, and they don't seem to have to hide them...
But I won't be pigeonholed; I won't accept all of this criticism, because I would much rather be me, with all of my faults, than anyone else, because, mingled with my grudges, opinions, hatreds and expectations, woven intricately and inseparably is my passion, loyalty, ability to think for myself, willingness to forgive when asked, and my commitment to those who love me for all of who I am.


  1. I love that you had a reaction to your own blog!! It's a great visual to the benefit of journaling, don't you think? For the record...I love you the way you are and I love each moment you are a granola, each moment you are dazzling, each moment you are frivolous, each moment you are world conscious...I think people share these descriptions because 1) they admire the particular quality they are naming you or 2) they are insecure of where they themselves stand on said quality and don't know what else to do other than make you uncomfortable about it....or 3) because their hubby feels somehow threatened by every more globally aware girlfriend I have!! :)

  2. Thanks, Man! Actually, my reaction was not to my blog. It was to a conversation I had last Thursday. Not one that I welcomed or asked for.

  3. you see how it could have been a reaction to your blog?? This seems a common theme for you lately - you need to crumple it up and throw it away! (Like I tell Jacob...but I have Jesus take it from him...He can take your junk too, but I leave that up to you!) :)